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Everyday transformations

Everyday Transformations: Becoming a Force for Good in the World and Your  World is a 90 minute program on the inextricable link between personal development and social transformation. Becoming the change we desire to see in the world. Available formats: Keynote / lecture or live discussion with student, faculty or staff representative + Q&A.

Program Details

In this presentation, Funmilola Fagbamila addresses the critical work at the intersection of personal development and social transformation. We have all heard the unending tropes about ‘being the change you want to see in the world’. But behind the cliché is a clear and urgent call for each and every one of us to do our part in contributing to healthier, more just societies by becoming a reflection of the associated principles in our everyday lived realities.


We are living in polarized times. And while division can be unsettling, it has historically proven to be a necessary stage in the journey toward societal transformation. There has never been an urgent social ill that has been navigated and remedied without polarization. But in this digital age, the phenomenon has become more pronounced. We are becoming more connected and simultaneously less connected. Very little space for curiosity, and even less space for nuance. But in order to do the collective, collaborative work we are called to, we must create room for complexity, intellectual range, emotional intelligence and effective communication.


Prof. Fagbamila examines how we can work toward remedying some of our most pressing collective issues while committing to our own personal growth as a catalyst for change. From touring her one-woman stage play internationally, to working as a political consultant for the president of France on the committee for Franco-African relations, to contributing to the founding of the largest justice movement since US Civil Rights— Fagbamila draws from her greatest life lessons in order to address our collective call to become a force for good.


Some of the themes addressed in this presentation (adjustable per campus / event space)

  • Contemporary and historical justice movements (racial, gender, environmental, etc)

  • Group-centered leadership

  • Finding your voice, establishing your purpose, and clarifying the vision for your life

  • Performative empathy and performative activism

  • Emotional intelligence as strategy and necessity in the transformative work toward our collective well-being

  • Social media, comparison, confidence and self-perception

  • Mental, emotional and physical health

  • The challenge of nuance in the digital age

  • Contributing to the causes most dear to you


Presentation format options: 1) Presentation / lecture + Q&A or 2) Live discussion with student, faculty or staff representative -- with pre-meditated discussion prompts, specifically tailored to the needs of the campus and student body + Q&A.


Contact our team for further details on this program, potential adjustments to the event format, and budgeting / pricing information.

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