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At the intersection of our varying identities, ideologies and experiences is a shared goal: to live well and feel seen. Utilizing a key combination of logic and compassion, we will unlock tools for greater communication, healthier coexistence and overall well-being. Why? So that we might be better with and for each other. Join Funmilola Fagbamila for conversations that exist at the intersection of personal development and social transformation. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate + review the podcast if you enjoy it. See you at the Intersection.

Funmilola Fagbamila


"Be clear about what you desire and what you require, what you accommodate and what you will not tolerate. But be flexible enough to offer the people in your life the time to evolve. This is grace." 

"Sometimes I come across people who almost feel guilty for their joy; smiling amidst the tragedies of the world. As if it is irresponsible to be well amidst the fire. To be sunshine in the midst of chaos seems selfish. But it is not. It is the most mandatory most necessary most urgent most transformatively powerful thing we could do. It is to stay well amidst the agenda to ruin you. To be joyful and aware at the same d*mn time." 

"You are not what you attract. You are what you accommodate. There are some nuances, but all in all, I believe this remains true. A hard truth for many. You will attract all types of things. They won't all be a reflection of you. What you create room for, this a tremendous reflection."

"Outgrowing yourself is one of the most uncomfortable / testing / taxing parts of our walk in this life. What feels like destruction is most often rebirth."

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