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Some of the smartest people I know are extremely said, emotionally unwell and physically sick.

Imagine how unstoppable we would be if we used the same amount of time and energy which is spent on studying, remaining intellectually and political sharp, on caring for and maintaining our physical and emotional well being.        

Some of the most intellectually sharp people I know are extremely sad, emotionally unwell and physically sick. I imagine that it’s necessary for us to reorient our attention.

Remaining perpetually aware of the foolishness and iniquity that transpires in the political realm is tough on one’s mental, physical and spiritual bodies. All of us who do this work must have an equally powerful practice of self-sustenance. I see folks now stepping up and taking their healths more seriously. We should treat it as urgent as it is. It is a revolutionary act to keep yourself alive and well in a world that devalues your humanity, under a medical industrial complex that flourishes from our unwellness.

Breath. Shut it down when you have to. Eat colorful foods. Dance. Sing. Sit in the sun. Love yall.

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